Laila Almamari

The British Council in Yemen launched the Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative in a number of public schools earlier this year. The initiative helped many students and teachers deal with stress and anxiety during difficult and stressful times especially in Covid-19. It helped students relieve stress and find alternatives to boost their wellbeing, work on their depression and improve moods, through various exercises including yoga and some breathing techniques.

Taghreed Ga’ashan who was supervising the initiative in Zainab schools said “this initiative gave us the opportunity to actually listen to students and get closer to them and know more about their interests, dreams and thoughts.” Aya, one of the students at Al Tahdai school added “the activities helped me be grateful for my family’s support in following the right path and for my friends and colleagues’ contribution in encouraging me to focus on the positive.”

There is growing concern about the effect of modern life on mental health and well-being, in addition to Covid-19 pandemic's major impact on children; from missing out on school, routines and friendship groups, to fear of the virus and losing loved ones. You can read more about the British Council’s Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative here and check the resources we offer for teachers and pupils.