As part of the Connecting Classroom programme, we have continued to support  80 public schools across Yemen through the delivery of the Communication and Collaboration training programme. The training was followed by implementation of school projects to reinforce the skills of communication and collaboration inside the classroom and within the school community. The aim of these projects is to encourage learners centred teaching style and to equip the students with the 21st century skills and enable them to live in a global community.

The projects that were implemented in schools were very impressive and impactful, reflected various activities that helped the students be more motivated and interactive in the classroom. Some of these projects school gardening  by Baradem School which encouraged students to plant trees in the school yards and cleaning the garden to improve the school's ecosystem and  improve the sense of community service within the students.

Another example is encouraging more interactive learning style in the classroom at 1st May School like introducing peer work that stimulates more communication and interactive learning among the students and introducing the jigsaw reading exercise to improve the students reading skills. Also, building students' presentation skills through projects that motivate students be more engaged in the school morning assembly programme. The projects entailed preparing and equipping the students with enterprise skills like the sewing project in Jiwaeriah school in Sana'a and Khawla school in Al Mukalla. 

Due to the training programme, there has been considerable improvement in the performance of the schools that took part in the core skills programme, teachers demonstrated enhanced knowledge and started to implement some of the new teaching techniques inside the classroom. 

Learners became more enthusiastic and they demonstrated critical and analytical thinking during the project’s phases. The projects developed some leadership skills and created a sense of responsibility among the students. Teachers has noticed increased comprehension and interest from students during the classroom and positive relationships and new friendships have been built as a result of integrating creative activities within the school programme.

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