Core Skills training was delivered to 30 teachers and 30 headteachers from various public schools in Sana’a and for the first time it was delivered using Teams as a platform for the training. The trainers were very creative in combating the limited internet capacity by utilizing WhatsApp as a tool for sustainable engagement with the teachers and headteachers. 

The teacher uploaded relevant exercises in the WahtsApp group and stimulated discussion not only during the training but also post the training which had enriched and added a great value to the quality of the training programme. 

Shama Al Ghazali, an English language teacher described the course as enlightening; “this training made me reconsider the traditional way of teaching we follow at our schools, it made me realize the importance of applying the core skills and make them part of the daily training practices with our students, especially the activities I watched in the videos which clarify how the teacher can elicit different answers using questioning techniques.’ 

Nadia Taha, who is a school leader has also commented “I have learnt about the 21st century skills and started to shift my thinking towards a strategy that encourages the student to become the center of the learning process in the class.”