Three emerging arts organizations and one individual have had the opportunity to be part of Masarat arts grant, that aims to strengthen artistic practices through supporting production, training and showcasing activities. Selected grantees will also be given opportunities to build their professional networks and make new connections with the UK and the Arab world.  

MaribGirls Foundation is a Yemeni non-governmental organization and one of the Masarat winners that aims to launch Chelate, which is a collection of the most popular traditional songs among Yemenis. The songs will be presented in a video by a group of young emerging artists which advocate for peacebuilding and social acceptance among Yemenis.

Nerdo Academy for Animation is another initiative supported by Masarat. It highlights the art of digital painting and animation. The project will produce four animated films that respond to social challenges. The short films will be featured on various social media platforms, and discussion sessions will be held around the topics of the films.

Romooz Foundation aims to launch Kitabat Writer-in-Residence program, dedicated to supporting the literature and creative writing scenes in Yemen. The program’s activities include workshops, residency programs, publishing, and providing a platform for Yemeni creative writers and novelists to further promote their work locally, regionally and internationally.

Finally, a grant has been given by Masarat to Asim Ahmed, an individual film director and visual artist at Adenium film production company. In his proposed five-minute experimental film “1941”, he aims to address and respond to local and social challenges of the conflict with focus on trauma. The film aims to provoke the importance of mental health and wellbeing, engage the community and generate a debate and allow a space for reflection on the psychological impact of the war on individuals.