Mohammed Alkhyat among his students. ©

Mohammed Alkhyat

Mohammed Alkhyat, is an English Language Yemeni teacher, trainer and supervisor, who has joined the British Council Yemen English Language Teaching Professional Network (ELTPN) and became a proactive member of the ELT Steering Committee.

He participated in many of the British Council English for Education System (EES) digital resources and at the same time, within his capacity as an ELT educator, he has disseminated these resources to his wider ELT network.

Mohammad says that the British Council’s FutureLearn course on “How to Teach Online” has helped him deal with the internally displaced learners who suffered traumatic experiences due to leaving their homes and living in new host communities. He adds that “the course was a breakthrough as it came as a response to the closure of schools due to the spread of Covid-19. The course covered all aspects of online teaching, from exploring and selecting online resources and materials, gathering students in a suitable online platform, to evaluating students and giving feedback.”

Furthermore, Mohammad has joined a number of the British Council’s online training programmes; such as “Language for Resilience Online Series” and “Migrants and Refugees in Education”, which have both helped him understand how trauma impacts students, and how to shape the teaching and learning process to be safer, more inclusive and protective and helped him in finding ways to support learners to overcome the challenges resulted as a consequence of migration or conflict. He adds “the two courses provided me with many strategies on how to deal with displaced learners and refugees.”

Mohammad started his e-teaching journey by using digital platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp and by creating online quizzes for his students. He also shared all the knowledge he acquired from the British Council’s courses with his colleagues including useful resources, videos and many other materials.