The International School Award Scheme is part of the Connecting Classrooms programme through which schools develop a portfolio of achievements that demonstrate the endorsement of the international partnership within the school’s policy. 

This year, 15 schools across Sana’a and Aden have developed portfolios that feature the embedment of extra curricula activities within the school policy to consolidate the learning of schools’ subjects by developing activities that tackle environment, climate change and intercultural dialogue. A lot of the activities underpin some of the sustainable development goals, an example is of Aisha School for Girls in Sana’a, the school worked collaboratively in a cultural heritage project with schools in Egypt and Palestine. The project included exchanging videos, PowerPoint presentations, and photos that explain the history of the main cultural sites of each other country. Similarly, the poetry project that focused on exchanging the biographies of poets from Yemen, Egypt and Palestine and produce a school magazine displayed in the schools’ library. 

Such projects encourage students to learn more out of school hours. Mira Mohammed, a student from Aisha school for girls commented “I have learnt about poets that I have never known before also I now know how to make a research and write about poetry and poets”.

In Aden, also two schools have been awarded the full three-year accreditation of the International School Awards for developing a portfolio of achievements that entails seven distinctive activities including health, science and language.

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