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British Council

Springboard is a leading UK-based women’s development programme designed by women, for women. The British Council initiated the programme to help Arab women to release their potentials and achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.

The programme has won several international awards. It has been running around the world for different organisations including universities, government departments, city councils and banks. Some of the participating organisations include HSBC and the BBC.

Hundreds of employers have sent their female staff on the Springboard Programmes and have benefited of their staff being highly motivated and much better at communication


With over 180,000 global users, Springboard is the premier personal and work development programme for both individuals and organisations. Catering to women at any age or stage in life and from all backgrounds, whether working or not working, it enables women to take more control over their lives by identifying the clear, practical and realistic steps that they need to take and by developing the skills and confidence to take them. 

If your organisations is engaged with our developing women’s outreach programmes, or if you want to develop your staff to their full potential and provide them opportunities to grow within the organisation, then Springboard is ideal for you.


There will be four full day workshops that are separated by a period of one or two weeks.

The first training of trainers will take place from 9 to 11 November. 

If you are interested in attending any of the Springboard programmes please contact us


How does Springboard help women realise their potentials?

Within a format that is tried and tested and well-grounded in reality, the topics discussed in the programme include:

  • Self Assessment – Who are you?
  • Skills Assessment – What you’ve got going for you?
  • The World About You – Who have you got going for you?
  • Goal Setting – Where are you headed?
  • The Assertive You – Build your confidence and use assertiveness positively 
  • The right connections – Capitalise on a strong women’s network
  • Image Building – Manage your image and visibility

How does Springboard work?

The programme consists of five major components:

  • Four workshops; the participants should attend them all
  • A special Workbook packed with practical activities and ideas
  • Positive role models; there will be a guest speaker on each workshop who will share with the participants her success story
  • Support backup
  • Networking with other women.


What we expect from you

  • The interest and desire to to make changes and improve your life
  • To dedicate time at home to completer the undertaking the exercises in the workbook
  • The commitment to attend the four workshops.