Nile Course is part of the English for Education Systems Programme and it was launched in in Yemen in February 2021 with the aim to provide capacity building training to a group of English language trainers to develop professional teacher trainers, mentors and supervisors. In this programme, nine professional teachers and trainers participated in the Trainer Development Digital Nile course. The teachers come from various areas in Yemen and from different academic backgrounds. This was their first experience in such intensive online training course. The teachers are about to finalise the course and they already found it rewarding. 

Shaher Al Buraihi is a teacher trainer and community of practice leader and is one of the proactive participants in the course, he describes this experience as enriching, adding “ this course is really inspiring as it provides me with different resources such as videos, audios, articles, and presents digital and interactive tools like voice thread and padlet that enrich my experience. I have started to use them in my day to day teaching, it is a turning point in my teaching career.”

Amal Al Kibis, a Core Skills trainer, describes it as “an eye-opening training development course.” She adds “this course has expanded my knowledge in teacher training. I have taken courses in teaching but never in teacher training. This course has taken me to an extended level, where I can help the teachers develop their career as well.”

To make this course more motivational, the project team has set up a WhatsApp discussion group for the participants to share knowledge and best practices. Amal says “this discussion forum group brought us together in one platform where we got to know each other and share ideas. It’s a place where we can discuss the activities together before we submit them on the NILE online platform.”

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