As animation became a more effective way to represent ideas and deliver a clear vision in short videos, Nerdo Academy Animation established the first animation camp in Yemen creating a safe space for 12 young artists. Through Nerdo, the 12 young artists engaged powerfully in creating four animation films that tackled key  social and cultural aspects of the Yemeni community. 

Behind the Scene is one of the films that highlights the importance of girls’ education, the film depicts a young girl dreams of graduation and success but her father who struggles in his life to provide for his children sees that education is only for his son. He neglects his daughter, whose future he believes is marriage. 

Mahd Yashakhbet is another fascinating short animation film that showcases the importance of protecting our cultural heritage. The film talks about a kid who moves into another world after scratching on an archaeological shrine’s wall, he finds himself in a place without roof or bottom, then he meets a man named Ma’ad Yakrib who would take him to reveal the mystery of his world, during his journey the boy interacts emotionally with other historical characters.  

Stray Flower talks about Maher whose mother died after giving birth to him. He lives with his father who works in handicrafts and vases. His father then dies of Asthma leaving Maher to follow his steps in handicrafts. Maher tries hard to live in the most difficult environment and he stays optimistic by imagining bottles to be flowers instead. 

Mold is a moving and downbeat adventure film that talks about preserving the environment. It revolves around Asser who is only 10 years old and loves to explore new things by joining the scout team.