Four workers representing Skills for Employability pose for a photograph
Four workers representing Skills for Employability pose for a photograph ©

British Council

Skills for Employability (SfE) aims to promote skills development and innovation. We do this by encouraging closer links between the education system, employers and policymakers.

First launched in 2008, Yemen was considered as a key partner to the British Council in the Middle East.

In Yemen, problems of youth unemployment, political instability and a growing population suggest that the economy will decline in the long term. To improve the situation, SfE supports and encourages the Yemeni youth by raising the profile of vocational education.

We introduced the Quality Assurance System to a number of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) institutes across Yemen. The project, sponsored by SfE, connects educational institutions in Yemen with their counterparts in the UK. From this relationship, UK schools may be able to share successful experiences and practices, which could be adapted for Yemeni institutions to use.

In addition we award the Best Innovation Award to talented young people, encouraging the spirit of innovation.

So far the project is bringing changes to 13 institutes in 7 governorates by improving teaching and learning processes in Yemen, which will boost skilled labour at the local and regional level. It has inspired changes in policy, resulting in a Quality Assurance Unit being installed in all the SfE institutes.

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