Zoom Short Film Competition
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We work with young professionals and aspiring film makers through a series of innovative capacity building and professional development workshops that focus on film making training.

The film training includes learning new professional skills ranging from camerawork, sound design, visual storytelling and editing.

Zoom was first launched in 2010 with an aim to discover and develop local creative talent and stimulate a local film industry in Yemen.

The competition provides opportunities for Yemenis to develop an interest in filmmaking in a country which currently lacks training facilities in this art form.

The competition’s themes and use of YouTube also give Yemenis the opportunity to raise awareness and build understanding about aspects of their country amongst other Yemenis and with people in the UK.    

Zoom Film competition 2014  

This year, 20 films were submitted to the competition and five lucky finalists were announced in January and took filmmaking training in Morocco run by Broadway Media Centre.

The finalists again competed after returning to Yemen by submitting a 10 – 20 minutes film for the chance to be the grand winner of Zoom Short Film Competition. The grand winner of the competition will have their film screened on Yemen Shabab TV and at a special event in November as part of Nour Festival of Arts 2014.

The grand winner of the competition will also win the chance to attend London Short Film Festival in January 2015.

For more information about the competition please email: zoom@ye.britishcouncil.org.

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